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Is it possible to adjust the scrolling speed in all LibreOffice apps? [closed]

asked 2015-05-24 02:08:21 +0200

r0ckh4mm3r gravatar image

updated 2020-10-12 14:04:31 +0200

Alex Kemp gravatar image

Horizontal and vertical scrolling speeds are fast.

Within Calc: vertical scrolling jumps ~40 rows; horizontal scrolling jumps ~20 columns Within Writer: vertical scrolling jumps half a page

My goal is to make scrolling become less rapid

Operating system properties for scrolling have been reviewed. The discussed scrolling speeds do not carry over into either Chrome or Microsoft Office applications.

Please provide direction to necessary sections of coding or Option settings (although I have already done a quick review of LibreOffice Option settings)

Thank you for reviewing this topic


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Which OS are you using?

I consider that scrolling speed is controlled by your OS.

ROSt52 gravatar imageROSt52 ( 2015-05-24 07:24:21 +0200 )edit

I have just started using Libreoffice with a new Dell XPS laptop and noticed the too-fast-scrolling myself with the trackpad. I tried to upvote but since I just joined I was unable to.

RobmOz gravatar imageRobmOz ( 2016-06-26 04:44:20 +0200 )edit

LibreOffice is awesome but the most annoying feature is how poorly it handles mouse scrolling. I generally use a touchpad and scrolling is so chaotic it almost makes me want to go back to Word. I checked around the forums and the devs seem to think they fixed this bug. I do not experience this problem with any other program. It is definitely a bug with LibreOffice.

Kralicemira gravatar imageKralicemira ( 2016-09-26 08:10:20 +0200 )edit

It's 2017 & this problem persists. I just switched to LibreOffice from OpenOffice ( Windows 8.1), & scrolling speed with my trackpad is so fast it's useless: I must use the down arrow. I adjusted the trackpad settings, and yes, that slows it down, but also in all other apps where it was normal. So now those apps are painfully slow. Using an external USB mouse works fine. This must be a bug in LibreOffice, and I hope there is a developer who takes on fixing it! Thank you all for your hard work.

tamarinera gravatar imagetamarinera ( 2017-01-30 23:22:17 +0200 )edit

I recently spoke with the developer of Smooze (a configurable mouse/scroll manager for macOS) to see if anything could be done about the horizontal scroll in LibreOffice. Unfortunately, it seems that LibreOffice has its own scroll implementation which is NOT controlled by the OS. This should really be considered a serious UX/UI deficiency and should be tended to.

Winterflags gravatar imageWinterflags ( 2017-07-24 10:44:04 +0200 )edit

I'm actually having a slightly opposite issue with my El Capitan mac and LO 5.3... where trying to scroll "down" or "right" is painfully unresponsive unless I mash it. But scrolling "up" and "left" is as responsive as it is in all other apps. Clearly the scrolling implementation in LO is buggy, lacking, broken. I hope they do fix it, as its the one thing right now blocking me from bailing entirely on MSO and going to LO.

Frigidman gravatar imageFrigidman ( 2017-08-03 19:46:03 +0200 )edit

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answered 2015-10-11 11:50:28 +0200

lapo gravatar image

You might have a recent mouse with "Smooth scrolling" feature (or similar)… it is implemented sending much more wheel events and then scrolling less for each one on the application side, and in Chrome a plugin is installed for that effect. I know I de-activated mine because the applications response to the "new" events was not consistent and in the end I prefer to have the old "blocky" scroll which works everywhere than having "smooth" scrolling but only in a subset of applications.

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answered 2020-01-25 07:36:00 +0200

Netjera gravatar image

I am having this issue with a Logitech MX2 Anywhere mouse.

It didn't happen with my old Microsoft mouse. This mouse has no issues with other applications.

I would suggest that this is an ongoing problem, and it appears to be device-specific? (I've noticed a lot of folks talking about the trackpad, mainly.)

I wanted to upvote this, but couldn't, because I'm new. (I've been a user for over a year, but I'm new to the forums.)

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Did you want to state that none of the answers already given did work for you? If so, upvoting anything wouldn't be ueseful or resonable at all.

If you suspect it's a bug of LibO, you need to go to and find out if the bug is already reported. If so you can comment on it there, if not you can create a report.

(This thread was visited thousands of times in more than 4 !/2 years and nobody linked to a bug. The many "metoo" contributions won't help anybody. This is not a bug tracking site)

Lupp gravatar imageLupp ( 2020-01-25 15:19:51 +0200 )edit

Agreed. I have filed bug report #130303 for this problem in Windows, today 30jan20

carrt7 gravatar imagecarrt7 ( 2020-01-30 23:42:12 +0200 )edit

answered 2016-12-04 17:19:47 +0200

If you are on linux (and maybe even on a mac) then this might set your scrolling speed slower (copy paste it into a terminal window):

env SAL_USE_VCLPLUGIN=gtk libreoffice --writer

It sets the environment variable 'SAL_USE_VCLPLUGIN' to the value 'gtk' and then launches libre office writer. From what I understand this changes how libre office looks and behaves on input. So it changes how it gets the mouse input and makes the speed functional.

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I dont know if this will work for calc.

whatever gravatar imagewhatever ( 2016-12-04 17:22:24 +0200 )edit

answered 2020-06-19 13:10:40 +0200

GarryG gravatar image

updated 2020-06-19 13:44:42 +0200

For me, setting the MMB in Options -> LibreOffice -> View to "no function" fixed the screel wheel problem ... it's now consistent with every other application on my Win10 system ...

Edit/Update: Regrettably, the multi-page-out-of-control scrolling still happens, once it starts I need to close and re-open Writer to get back to the line-wise scrolling ... so, something fundamentally wrong in LO it seems ... currently running

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answered 2017-09-21 18:26:09 +0200

Go to Tools > Options, and under LibreOffice, choose View. Set the Middle mouse button dropdown to Automatic scrolling. After doing this I found it was still fast but not so fast as to be unusable.

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I can confirm that this answer helps a lot, I had Middle mouse button set to Paste from clipboard and scrolling was terrible (very high speed and extremely sensitive to change vertical/horizontal direction); then I followed this suggestion and scrolling is usable now: fast but not "furious" and no unexpected changes in vertical/horizontal directions.

leoperbo gravatar imageleoperbo ( 2019-06-14 00:39:28 +0200 )edit

I found changing that option to 'No Function' may have made it marginally slower. For me, the error is predominantly when clicking and dragging or Ctrl+scrolling (zooming). My fingers need to remain fixed on the trackpad and transfer pressure, and still it isn't reasonably controllable. I feel a bug report coming on. Ubuntu 18.04LTS (been happening for years on various LTS versions)

Wouldnt Oy gravatar imageWouldnt Oy ( 2020-01-23 19:28:21 +0200 )edit

Mine was already set this way, and the scrolling is still insanely fast.

Netjera gravatar imageNetjera ( 2020-01-25 07:47:11 +0200 )edit

answered 2017-11-01 10:55:09 +0200

andy17 gravatar image

What I find annoying is that the scrollbar behaves differently from other apps on Windows 10. The scrollbar in LO seems to reflect the position in the document. So when you click below the current position marker, it moves the position in the document so that the current position marker moves to where you clicked. Similarly if you click above it. IE it behaves differently to other scrollbars on Windows 10. I think that's why it appears to move fast as it's moving the view to where you've clicked. In order to achieve anything like normality is to use the PAGE-UP and PAGE-DOWN keys. Or alternatively drag the current position marker until you see the bit of the document you want. What would be really great is if the behaviour changed to what other apps do in Windows 10 or alternatively provide an option so that people can decide how they want the scrollbars to behave.

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I have a similar problem on Win 7. If I click in the scroll bar above the current position it scrolls all the way to the top (or bottom) of the document. On a Calc sheet with several hundred or thousands of rows, this can mandate a coffee break as I have to wait for the scrolling to finish because once it starts scrolling, there is no way to interrupt it. Please offer a solution.

Carrbigdog gravatar imageCarrbigdog ( 2017-11-23 04:11:13 +0200 )edit

answered 2018-11-27 21:55:50 +0200

rodrumt gravatar image

updated 2018-11-27 21:59:32 +0200

I encountered similar problem too. When I scroll down LO Calc it scrolls too fast. Three rows contain text that extends cells' height so theese cells' height is approximately equals to work area height. When I try to do minimum scroll movement, and work area jumps so the 4-th row is at the top of the work area. The issue with scroll working dependently of row height. It is very ugly behavior. Please, fix it.

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If you have the same problem why didn't you rather upvote the original question rather than providing a non answer?

Alias duel zone gravatar imageAlias duel zone ( 2020-07-07 19:38:27 +0200 )edit

answered 2016-03-19 02:22:37 +0200

MarjaE gravatar image

updated 2016-03-19 02:24:23 +0200

I am having the same problem in OS X. I can't use scrollwheels. Too painful. Too painful by far. I use a special scrolling app. I have reasonable scrolling speeds in other apps, but now suddenly have lightning-fast migraine-worsening scrolling speeds, and no control in LibreOffice.

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If you have the same problem why didn't you rather upvote the original question rather than providing a non answer?

Alias duel zone gravatar imageAlias duel zone ( 2020-07-07 19:38:09 +0200 )edit

answered 2019-10-24 20:18:14 +0200

Roly gravatar image

This happens to me occassionally. It starts to scroll 100+ lines at a time, and even trying to zoom in and out using CTRL+Wheel makes it really big or really small.

I simply closed everything and rebooted my computer and it works normally again.

I wish there was a logical solution, but since I can't find one, this seems to be the way to go for me.

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answered 2019-08-10 03:08:04 +0200

dwarka gravatar image

in Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center, select your device, and then select Basic settings. Depending on the mouse model you are using, select Wheel or Touch Strip. Select Identify programs that don’t scroll correctly.

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@dwarka , to prevent you to spam all requests adressing this scroll issue with a possibly very limited solution for only a few users:

1.) Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center is only available for users of a Microsoft Keyboard or Mouse. In a Windwos 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 without that there is no option for this. As well not in Linux.

2.) Most of the requests deal with the use of a touchpad, not scrolling with a mouse.

Cookievore gravatar imageCookievore ( 2019-08-10 12:15:27 +0200 )edit

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