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Updating subforms

asked 2015-09-12 04:23:19 +0200

Santacarl gravatar image

Hello all,

I am working my way through setting up base by using a main form along with subforms...all on the same 'page'. Can someone tell me how a save or update works when moving between form and subforms? Do you have to save each form separately as it is completed? Or when you hit the save button do all linked forms on the 'page' update simultaneously?

Also...what takes place when you establish a relationship and set the "update" to cascade and the "delete" to no action? I've read the user guide but I'm just having a little trouble getting my head around that concept. I do better when I have an example instead of a concept.... Could someone give an example of the difference between cascade/no action and cascade/delete?

I am struggling a bit to get my forms all synched up and I'm not sure if it's that I am not saving properly or if I have a relationship misapplication...


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answered 2015-10-05 21:18:11 +0200

Alex Kemp gravatar image
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