sounds in impress

Hi! I have inserted sound file in slide transition and it has worked in the past. Now, it suddenly won’t play. I tried to insert it again and it still won’t work.

RFO (‘Rescue From Oblivion’) Post:

In early August AskLO was brought to a shuddering halt by a flood of spam from Korea (I found myself in the unenviable position of attempting to de-fang massage-parlour links by hand in hundreds of these posts in the wee hours of the 4th; finally, many, many hours later, a moderator got involved & using AskBOT routines they were quickly dealt with).

The AskBOT maintainer in Chile got involved later in the day:

Evgeny Fadeev wrote on 2015-08-04 at 11:58:

I'm afraid the site needs to be switched to premoderation.
This way all posts from new users go through the moderation

Unfortunately, paid Mods are few & far between on AskLO. That means that, when the pre-mod Questions are finally released from the pre-mod Queue (including, in my experience, any spam posts included with them) they appear on the site on p2, 3 or 4. That means that many of them disappear into oblivion, as most Answerers do not venture that far.

Indeed, it is worse than that. The sitemaps-implementation also appears to be flawed (HTTPS urls in both robots.txt & sitemaps.xml are in HTTP, meaning up to 3 re-directs; Google doesn’t like multiple re-directs). The upshot is that many questions (all just now from 22 Sept as just one example) show 0 (zero) visits. Whoops-a-daisy.

Therefore, this & other posts are to try & rescue these lonely souls & give them a chance to be answered. When that happens, these RFO posts can be deleted.

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Thank you. Hope somebody comes around to answer :wink:

Thank you, Hendrik, for this answer in particular, and for your service in general. I’ll be patient.

You guys have been pretty quick moderating my queries so far, so thanks, well done under the circumstances.