Copying two files into one

asked 2015-11-26 21:43:37 +0200

Bilbrough gravatar image

I want to compile a list of casualties suffered in the two world wars from the Commonwealth War Graves website. This allows only about 75,000 names to be downloaded at a time so for units with large losses (like the army in both wars, or the RAF in WW2) you have to split the downloads - usually by years so for instance I can download the RAF in two lists of 72,000 for 1939-43 and 52,000 for 1944-45. I then have two csv files which have identical columns of name, rank, death date etc. I want to put the two files together into one calc spreadsheet which would then list all 125,000 odd names which can then be processed into a composite record for all RAF deaths (alphabetically, by date of death or other options). However, I can find no simple way to simply cut and paste one list at the foot of the other. It just keeps telling me that this cannot be done that way. Being fairly new to LibreOffice I would welcome help in how I can achieve this amalgamation of two files into one.

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