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I have Microsoft Works database. I have just downloaded LibreOffice and want to transfer my database material to its Database. Is it possible to do this, please? Or do I have to re-enter the data bit by bit i.e. start afresh on LibreOffice? [closed]

asked 2016-02-02 22:53:54 +0200

jbj gravatar image

updated 2020-08-29 18:29:39 +0200

Alex Kemp gravatar image

I have already taken the step of transferring the data from MS Works Database to LibrOffice Calc Spread Sheet.

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answered 2016-02-03 22:47:45 +0200

w_whalley gravatar image

Here's a link to a description of how to import a calc sheet to base, Import to base

Or do a web search for "libreoffice use calc sheet as base table" to find other examples.

Or you can use a calc sheet as a registered data source for base, See this

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answered 2016-02-02 22:56:23 +0200

jbj gravatar image

Start afresh on LibreOffice. Sorry about that.

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