How to link a calc spreadsheet to a base database?

I would like to have a calc spreadsheet that feeds off information/data in a base database. Then when the database is updated, this in turn will update the spreadsheet information after a “refreash”.
Is this possible in libreoffice? if so where is the documentation / howto?


Here you can find a detailed explanation:

Tutorial - Using registered datasources in Calc

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could you post another link because I can’t access this one, please!

Edited, I think there was changes in the openoffice forum url, please try again.

In LibreOffice I had to use Ctrl+Shift+F4, not F4 as the referenced OpenOffice tutorial says as does Data Sources - LibreOffice Help. However, Menu->View Data Sources does work as the latter says.

I think it is from Insert → Link to external data.

Unfortunately appears to have a bug since it stops working when I attempt to do the link

I you are trying to link with Base, this is not the right way, follow the link on my first answer.

Thank you for the tutorial, I see that it works.