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Can't mark threads here "seen" [closed]

asked 2016-02-19 21:11:06 +0200

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updated 2016-03-08 18:53:27 +0200

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At this AskLibre site the envelope after my name is red. Clicking on it leads to my Profile / Notifications page, where are the responses to the threads I have participated in. There are controls there to Select All and to Mark "Seen". the Select All control works, but in four browsers - three chromium-based and Pale Moon - the Mark Seen control does not.

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answered 2016-02-20 00:01:49 +0200

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Thank you, Peter. That is exactly the problem.

paul1149 gravatar imagepaul1149 ( 2016-02-20 01:41:16 +0200 )edit

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