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Where is the icon for "Wrap text automatically"? [closed]

asked 2016-03-06 19:06:11 +0200

SvenAERTS228 gravatar image

I want to add it to my formatting toolbar. Thy

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answered 2016-03-06 21:10:33 +0200

gtomorrow gravatar image

View > Toolbars > Formatting
The Wrap Text icon should be to the right of "Align Right". If for some reason it's still not there...

View > Toolbars > Customize
Click on the "Toolbars" button, then choose "Formatting" from the Toolbar drop-down menu. Scroll down the main list a bit and you should see if "Wrap Text" is selected or not.

If you want a new spreadsheet to wrap text automatically, you can do this in one of two ways:
1) on the right of the window in the flyout "Styles and Formatting" section for Cell styles: right-click on "Default" and Modify..., then go to "Alignment" and click on "Wrap text automatically"
2) select all the cells in the sheet and Format > Cells (Ctrl-1/Cmd-1) and go to "Alignment" and click "Wrap text automatically".

Hope this helps!

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