Is there a schema for FODT documents ? [closed]

asked 2016-04-13 16:09:36 +0100

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I am the author of asciidoc-odf, a tool to generate styled ODF documents from AsciiDoc markup.

Now I am a looking for a way to validate FODT files, since they are different from ODF files (in that they include all sections that are usually separated in the ZIP file). And the normal ODF schema does not support this.

Here is an example of the output from Jing using the ODF schema on an FODT document:

jing -i relaxng/OpenDocument-v1.2-os-schema.rng curriculum-vitae-dag-wieers.fodt
/home/dag/home-made/cv/curriculum-vitae-dag-wieers.fodt:56:19: error: element "office:settings" not allowed here; expected the element end-tag or element "dc:creator", "dc:date", "dc:description", "dc:language", "dc:subject", "dc:title", "meta:auto-reload", "meta:creation-date", "meta:document-statistic", "meta:editing-cycles", "meta:editing-duration", "meta:generator", "meta:hyperlink-behaviour", "meta:initial-creator", "meta:keyword", "meta:print-date", "meta:printed-by", "meta:template" or "meta:user-defined"
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Obviously I can modify my schema to allow office:settings within the office:meta block. But I would like to understand why the standard schema is not sufficient for FODT (and thus LibreOffice does not write conforming ODF output).

dag gravatar imagedag ( 2016-04-13 16:15:15 +0100 )edit

I, too, would be interested in this issue. I did not find much about it on the net. However, I can not seem to find a way to validate FODT documents. They all come out as invalid.

bmix gravatar imagebmix ( 2018-01-29 21:49:14 +0100 )edit