Footnote separator line changing randomly [closed]

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I have the thickness for the line set for 0.25pt on both right and left pages, but if I have multiple lines in the footnote it changes thickness. Here is the pattern: Number of lines: 1 - thin 2 - thin 3 - thin 4 - thick 5 - thick 6 - thin 7 - thin 8 - thin 9 - thin 10 - thin 11 - thick 12 - thick 13 - thick 14 - thin ... up to 18 - thin 19 - thick 20 - thick 21 - thin 22 - thin ... up to 25 - thin

However, when I export it as a pdf it has an entirely different pattern.

This issue came up years ago and was not resolved: "Well, a few months later and I still have this issue. I've tried everything with page styles, indents, Apply, OK, and everything else and I still have different widths of footnote separator lines. The differences are preserved when I export to pdf, so it is not just a display issue. Please someone help- it looks so unprofessional!" That was in 2014/06/04.

I would think that footnotes would be used often enough that something like this would not go unaddressed.

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