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LO-Base: Report with foreign keys ? [closed]

asked 2012-11-03 17:04:07 +0200

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updated 2013-02-02 07:18:16 +0200

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I have a database with several tables, some of them related to each others with foreign keys.

When using the Report Builder, I do not manage to display "related" information. I am only able to display the foreign keys and the value of the other table.


  1. The wizard (of the Report Builder) does not ask me the table I want to use for the report (but I can change it after in the properties, but only choose one table at a time).

  2. The report does not seem to "see" the other tables. I can only use functions on the current fields of the table.

  3. The LO help is not very helpful on this subject.

  4. After some time, I found a workaround: create a complicated SQL query like:

    SELECT movies.title,,actors.surname,role.character
      FROM movies, actors, role
      WHERE role.idMovie=movies.idMovie
      and actors.idActor=role.idActor

Save the query and then apply your report to this query. All the displayed fields seem accessible. However, what is the point to define relationships in the database if everything else (reports and forms) must be done manually?

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answered 2013-03-10 06:51:49 +0200

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Hi @GC,

Have you found a solution to your question? I can try to ping one of our contributors more familiar with Base if you're still searching for an answer...

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