Table shows foreign keys instead of related data


Im using LO Base (x64) on Win10.

My table Grades has a field GSubjectID which is a foreign key to to the Subjects table which holds the names of the subjects and the credits that subject gives. In the grades table I would like to see the subject name instead of just the subjectID of 1 etc. How can I do this?

I managed to do it on the form via SQL. Code used : SELECT “Subject” AS “visible”, “SubjectID” AS “Bound” FROM “TblSubjects” ORDER BY “visible” ASC

But now I would like to do a report as well. How can I make it, that I get the subject name on the report instead of just the number of the ID?

I found this related topic but without an answer:


You will need a query or a view for Report Builder. Put all fields you will need in the report into the query.

Have never used the wizard for create a report. But the wizard also asks for a query or a table as datasource.