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upper limit to number of rows in Calc [closed]

asked 2012-12-05 00:29:40 +0200

Will the tinkerer gravatar image

When importing csv text files, is there a upper limit to number of rows a person can create/save in LibreOffice Calc?

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answered 2012-12-05 01:48:13 +0200

famo gravatar image

Depends on the LO version you are using:

  • pre 3.3.3: limit is 65 536 rows
  • 3.3.3 and later: 1 048 576 rows (1M)

If this is not sufficient for you needs, you can use the Base module of LibreOffice to import csv-files with almost no row limit at all. With Base you can query and strip the data before you pass it to Calc for charts and such a like...

For a brief intro see here and/or open a new topic for further questions.


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I figured the 65535 would apply but the expansion in newer versions is great

Will the tinkerer gravatar imageWill the tinkerer ( 2012-12-16 08:53:13 +0200 )edit


Could you please let me know where can I find the base module of Libre Office that has almost no row limit?

aelwan3 gravatar imageaelwan3 ( 2016-12-19 03:27:35 +0200 )edit

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