The installation file, 0b32c50caac84583ed6e24228501dd69.msi, is missing from my PC. LibreOffice needs it to install or update with newer versions. How can I obtain it?

Have you got a version of LibreOffice already installed? If so and you are trying to upgrade, then it needs the previous installation file, see General Installation Issues (Windows).

In your current version of LibreOffice, click on Help > About LibreOffice and find out exactly what version you have installed already, then download exactly that version from the LibreOffice Archive


You seem not to use official LibreOffice repositories (download from libreoffice.org) but to use a third party software updater/installer (may be included in your antivirus program). My advice: Don’t use such tools - they hide everything how it should work, cause more problem than they solve and in this case you would need to turn to the developer of software updater tool.

Value 0b32c50caac84583ed6e24228501dd69 looks like the md5 checksum of the installation program. If that’s true:
You have installed LibreOffice and you need to perform:

  • Download LibreOffice_7.0.3.1_Win_x64
  • Rename to 0b32c50caac84583ed6e24228501dd69.msi
  • Provide the file location, when getting the error message and being asked for the file.

By the way: This looks like a common issue with Windows installer cache requiring the old installation package to get the installation of a new version done.

Hope that helps