1-1/2 page blank space shows in my text. Can't find what's in there.

I entered a photo that was too large for the page. I deleted it. Resized the picture and entered. Anchored the picture to the paragraph. Then I selected Wrap Right. The text wrapped down to the end of the paragraph, only 1/4 the height of the picture, then all text space is blank for the rest of the page and all of the next page. No text is lost. But something zombie-like is filling that space.

When I delete the carriage return at the end of the anchor paragraph, all the blank space goes away, but the the next paragraph becomes part of the anchor paragraph. When I reenter the CR, that puts the same blankspace in and the next paragraph is a page and 1/2 away.

I anchored the photo as a character, not to the paragraph.

Is there another photo after this one? Is this subsequent photo anchored to page?

What are the other wrap parameters of the first photo?

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I solved this by deleting 3 pages of text and reentering everything. This time all worked as expected except there is an extra blank line under the image. When I entered a caption, the extra line appeared below the caption. I cannot find a way to delete it and don’t know what I did to put it there. So this is really not a solution. I have more images to enter into my text, maybe I’ll discover how it gets the extra line as I progress.

Enable View>Formatting Marks. This “extra blank line” is likely an empty paragraph to which the picture is anchored. Either anchor the picture to another non-empty paragraph, adjusting its position properties, or style the blank paragraph to make it nearly invisible.

Thank you so much for the advice. I used the style method to solve the extra blank line.