100% Libre Office crashes when "Help" is selected

Running LO 7.0 on Linux Mint 19.3 and without fail, every time I select “Help” LO crashes.

Also your Tags requirements are a hassle.

Also your Tags …

It’s not ours, but the requirements of this site / software. We are users of LibreOffice just like you.

Regarding your non-answer (I agree there must be a much simpler solution than upgrading Mint)

I got a Mint 19.3 test system running LibreOffice with no problem. So something must be wrong within your installation but your question lacks a lot of information.

  • Which LibreOffice version do you use (as of now there a are released versions,,,,,,
  • From where did you install your release (TDF=libreoffice.org, from Mint base repository, from Ubuntu PPA or are you using a snap version)?
  • Which language environment do you use (LibreOffice Help packages must match the language of the user interface)?
  • Do you expect “online” help to start or do you expect the offline help (helppack installed?)?
  • Which is the default browser?
  • Is the system configured to start a browser on mimetype html?
  • There are many desktop manager on Linux systems: Which one do you use (Cinnamon, LXDE, LxQt, GNOME, KDE, Mate)?

Cont’d From my distant perspective I suspect you mixed LibreOffice repositories or missed to perform an sudo apt autoremove before installing LibreOffice version from a different repository.

Please also provide info from Help -> About LibreOffice.

So because ONE application crashes, I should update an otherwise fully functional operating system? I’ve been down that road before and it sounds very much like Window XX as the last 2 times I “updated” Linux Mint, I lost most of the functions of my e-mail client, Thunderbird and my Wine/VB 6.0 functionality.

There must be a solution which is not swatting a fly with an elephant gun.

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