2 column text + footnotes

I have a text which has single column titles, 2 column text, and footnotes. I’ve resolved that this is acheived with a single collumn page, with a 2 column sections for the body text. This works great, until I add a another title (new section of 1 column.

When there are no footnotes at the bottom of the section, the new section appears just below the section break, and the 2 column section is balanced in the 2 columns.

However, if there are footnotes appearing on that last page of the 2 column text, the footnotes go to the bottom of the page, and the new title appears on a new page. But the text on the last page of the 2 column section is not balanced. It’s that unbalanced text that is the biggest issue, but also the lack of logical flow (a footnote shouldn’t force a new page.)

The best outcome is that a 'footnotes at bottom of page defaults to ‘bottom of section’ when sections are used, not forcing bottom of page and a page break when a new section is defined.

If treating the bottom of a multipage section for footnotes is unworkable, When footnotes do force a page break like this, 2 column text should balance.

This happened on LibreOffice 6.0.5 on MacOSX 10.13 if that matters.

Same on on a Mac.

If you want your footnotes always at the lower part of the page, there is no way out of this problem. But if you accept that the last footnotes on the section appear at the end of that section and not at the end of the page, then, when setting the section, under Footnotes/EndNotes tab check the Collect at the end of text option under Footnotes. And don’t worry, only the notes on the last page will be “at the end of text,” the others will be in their corresponding pages.