2 columns and picture between

Hi, I want to make 2 columns and a picture between them. I tried different guides and nothing works.

That’s how I want it to look like. I can create 2 columns, but they are on the whole page, but I need only a half of it. Then it gets even more trickier with adding the picture to the middle. I tried a lof of different methods and nothing works. I would really appreciate any help. Thanks.

Please don’t post as wiki.

  1. To only make part of your text have 2-column layout: you need to use a section. To do that: select that text, and do either InsertSection (and then setup columns in the dialog), or directly FormatColumns... (which is the shortcut for the above; absent in 6.0, and reintroduced in 6.1).
  2. To put an image to the middle, make the image anchored to a paragraph (the default) or to a character (so it is floating), and make its wrapping to Page Wrap or Optimal Page Wrap (the default). Drag it to the desired place on the page.

See this screencast.

I works very well. Thank you very much for the help, much appreciated.