2 different kind of hyphens. How to have them the same?

I have loaded a new dictionary with hyphenation rules which works fine, except of this mall issue…
I seem to have in my text two different kind of hyphens:

  1. highlighted and selectable and not “self-removing” if I edit the text and it is not needed any more.
  2. not highlighted and not selectable, self-removing if not needed any more.

It seems that within my text some styles have got type-1 hyphens. Other styles type-2. In some cases if I place the cursor just after the selectable hyphen and I try to delete it, I am left with a type-2 hyphen (but this method doesn’t always work).

The auto-hyphens were activated through tools/language/hyphenation

Assuming I am making sense… how can I remove type-1 hyphens?

You can enter Ctrl+hyphen (“soft” hyphen, with non-printing characters hidden it will only show at the end of a line) to get a better hyphenation than the automatic one.

OK, I’ll answer my own question… I have to edit the style and within “Text flow” and under “Hyphenation” select the “automatically” check box.
I had done that only for certain styles :smiley: