2 Questions for Writer

I’m just beginning to use Writer and am having a couple of problems:

Is there a way to create a more visually muted work environment during composition without creating a document that retains that background color rather than white? The glaring white/light gray work environment creates such eyestrain for me that I’m not going to be able to use Writer if there isn’t a way to improve the visual ergonomics. A darker “theme” and a subdued background color on the document during composition would be great.

Assuming this is possible, is there a way of automatically saving sequential manuscript files without the new ones overwriting the older ones?

Thanks for any help with these.

You can Theme the UI, via Tools / Options / Personalization. Under Application Colors you can set global Application Background. And if your document output is the printer, you can use a color for the document background, and then set Writer’s Print options not to print the background.

As for versioning, check out this question.