[24.2.1] Selected text/cells not highlighted in Windows 10 High Contrast mode

Hi, I very recently updated from LibreOffice 7.6 to 24.2.1 and now the cells in Calc or text in Writer do not show any highlighting when I select them when Windows 10 is in High Contrast mode (the highlighting works fine in standard Windows 10 Bright mode).

Selection Highlighting in High Contrast mode worked fine on 7.6, background color changed from black to white and text from white to black to show it was selected.

Is it something I can fix through the Options?

Thank you for your assistance, and have a nice day.

I don’t see anything in Options to fix the problem. Best to report it as a bug, How to Report Bugs in LibreOffice - The Document Foundation Wiki

I followed the advice provided before submitting a report and it turned it was an incompatible user configuration that triggered the problem, possibly because of the update. Resetting the user profile solved my problem.

Reported bug Bug 160036 - ACCESSIBILITY: Selection invisible in High Contrast mode with SKIA/Raster Selection invisible in a11y High Contrast modes with SKIA/Raster, Skia/Vulkan unaffected

Whoops, I also made a bug report when I found out my fix didn’t work. Bug number 160030


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