Macros run slower now

installed yesterday. (was old version
The old version ran my Macros (mostly copy/paste) in 3 seconds.
Now, with, it takes Macros 30 seconds??
Why slower? However, they ran and completed their tasks.

If you expect a qualified anwswer, please show your code.
Otherwise all will be guesswork …
Also interesting: On wich OS and version your office is executed?

» calling it: "is solved" « does not exactly » resolve the issue « doesnt it? :see_no_evil:

Menu/Help/Restart in Safe Mode

No. The questions here were aimed at finding the cause of the problem; sometimes, a problem goes away completely after resetting the user profile; and restarting in the safe mode is the first step to see if the profile reset is worth trying (but you need to realize that the profile reset drops the profile customizations, like custom macros, key bindings, and so on - which is why it’s not done without trying safe mode first).

If resetting user profile is not an option, or if doesn’t help after all, then your idea is a great strategy.

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Windows needs restarting frequently. Either disable Fast Start and shut down computer completely at night. Or click Windows start menu - Restart once a day.

Today I updated my spreadsheet; Ran the time saving Macros (they were SLOW running); Repeated ‘Run Macros’ and they were still SLOW. So, I get SLOW macros after Modifying a sheet.
I CLOSED the spreadsheet; Reopened the spreadsheet and the same macros ran FAST. If these steps are consistent I’ve solved 1/2 my problem because I use other macros to reset my chart and they run fast after that ‘save/restart spreadsheet’ that I mentioned above.

Finally! My Solution.

  1. Open document
  2. Modify document
  3. Save and CLOSE document.
  4. Reopen document and Macros run FAST.