3.5.0 Final D/L is 3.5.0rc3 and Document open fails when file clicked direct

WHY?? Did I get a damned rc3 when the Download page said I was getting 3.5.0 FINAL?

AND>>> When I click a file name directly I get a failure, and ‘Recovery will be made when next started’. So I open the file from within a running session of 3.5.0rc3(YOUR FINAL) and it opens fine. I save it off, and try to directly click to open again. IT FAILS AGAIN!
This thing was not ready for release(obvious by the rc3 designation), so it’s back to 3.4.5 until your get your act together! If I didn’t need a database app, I would just put in Gnumeric and AbiWord, and forget this large slow loading memory intensive thing!

the last rc is released as final without any changes to the binary, just the file will be renamed. So what you get is the final version. Obviously none of the beta and rc testers did run into this problem, and even when you write it happens for you it is unclear why. All hints to some profile-issue.

Within a period of 12 hours after downloading 3.5 I ran into three bugs and then browsing the messages I found the solution to one and it fixed all three:

  1. Opening a Writer template (.ott) produced the error “templates already exists”
  2. The “Recent Documents” list was blank and wasn’t updating, and
  3. The Help Pack wasn’t working.

I wonder if what fixed the problems for me may fix the problem for you.

Shut down all instances of LibreOffice, including the QuickStart.

In C:\Documents and Settings\user\Application Data (in XP SP3) rename directory LibreOffice to something else. (I normally add _old or _yyyymmdd to the end of the name.)

Start up LibreOffice, It will recreate that directory. Customized settings will no longer be present, however.

That fixed the three bugs I experienced above, and I wonder if that might also fix the problems you are experiencing. If so, it is from something that was left over from 3.4.x that 3.5 isn’t handling correctly.

I didn’t test directly clicking on a file to open it before I had renamed the LibreOffice directory, so I don’t know if the problem existed before I renamed it. However, after I had renamed it, when I read your post, I double-checked and I can open a Writer file by double-clicking on it.

If this doesn’t fix the problem, you can shut down all instances of LibreOffice (including the QuickStart), delete the new directory, and rename the old directory to the original name.

Still expected a ‘FINAL’ release, not an RC masquerading as one. I’m just odd that way I guess. IF something is touted as a ‘FINAL’ then it should not ID itself as a freaking RC!

AS to the ‘click to open’ problem, renaming the file mentioned did not help, so if it ‘dragged’ something from 3.4.5, it dragged it into the 3.5 install folder. Losing a few customized settings wasn’t a problem, as I have only a few that are easily regained.

SO, until I can find a good independent database program and a powerpoint reader, I’m back to 3.4.5. It at least loads faster without having to have a QuickStart helper running in the background.

Please watch your language. The next versions will identify differently in the about dialog, by avoiding the rc tag alltogether. Doesn’t change anything about the process though, it will still be exactly the same version as the last rc. To bad removing the profile didn’t work for you.