3.6.0 crashes when opening .xls files

I just installed 3.6.0 and now I cannot open .xls files created in LO or Emxcel

Ouch… What can I do? Is this known about?

I am standing in the desert and my life line is busy!


Did you have a older LO version installed previously? Which one? Did you try to reset the user profile?

Deleting the User profile as mentioned in other posts fixed it !!! I am sorry to double post but my symptoms were not quote the same.

I think it would be useful feature to provide a “test boot” of LO once installed and some options if the program encounters any issues, such as “delete user profile” or even “check for update”.


It’s me again… Now the program will not start. Crashes when opening and not just when trying to open a spreadsheet. It worked fine prior to upgrade.

I am using Win7 on MacBook Pro via Bootcamp. 8GbRAM and loads of disk space.