3 periods confusion

When I type three periods to indicate a pause in dialogue, Libre often closes up the dots. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t. How do I get control of that behavior (to tell it not to)?

Thanks for any advice you’ve got.

This may be an effect of AutoCorect. In almost all locales, there is a rule to replace 3 consecutive dots by an ellipsis ( or U+2026). You have 2 possibilities:

  • If you don’t need or use AutoCorrect, disable it by unchecking Tools>AutoCorrect>While typing

  • If you want to keep the other AutoCorrect rules, open Tools>AutoCorrect>AutoCorrect Options, Replace tab. Make sure your locale is selected in the top drop-down menu. Look for the line that says .*... => . Select it and press Delete.

However, I would recommend using systematically an ellipsis instead of 3 dots because line wrap may occur inside the 3 dots and you would end up with the dots spread on two lines.

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