3D Bar Chart with wide aspect ratio

How can I have a 3D bar chart with a wide aspect ratio?

Consider the following chart:

No matter what I do the chart never fills up the spaces on the sides. It works for less extreme aspect ratios. But as soon as a certain ratio is reached the chart doesn’t scale with the OLE object anymore. However ratios like this work for 2D bar charts so it is a specific problem with the 3D chart types.

What I want is something like this (mock-up made with GIMP):

Note that it is intentional that the ratio of the left-most cylinder is rougly 1:1.

Is it possible? Or is this behaviour hard coded with no feasable workaround?

There is no Spacing for 3D chart types. How do you achieved one bar touching the other?

Copying and pasting the chart in Draw leaves a bitmap.