3D slide transitions

One of the great things that Microsoft introduced in office 2010 was really cool slide transitions. It would be awesome if you could also make Opengl transitions as well and make thumbnails of each transition to make the job of finding the right one less laborious. Do that and there will be almost nothing this application can’t do.

+1. It would be great.
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Hi @phly95,

Please file an enhancement bug for each new feature request. Pleased provide as much information about your new feature as possible. Don’t forget to mark your bug as an ‘enhancement’.


I also think it would be great to add Powerpoint 2010 and 2013 3D transition effects.

Not really because of the cool 3D effects, but because of portability.

I can’t really ask a presenter. Could you please make or adjust your Presentation in Libreoffice Presenter so it will work exactly as you want in the next conference?.

I think that if they bring their PPT presentations and see Libreoffice Presenter shows their presentations exactly the same as in PowerPoint, they would be encouraged to use Presenter.

In the company that I work, our IT Department tested OpenOffice 3 and where thinking of moving everyone to OpenOffice, they installed Open Office to 1000 PCS… The problem was that documents didn’t open correctly… I know that LibreOffice developers have done a GREAT Job in making Libreoffice more compatible with MSOffice Docs, but 3D Transtitions are also great to have.