4.0 Calc cell format problem - clean install on XP Pro

4.0 is looking good, thanks for the hard work.

One small problem though, reading a file last saved in shows negative numbers in black font when they where formatted red.

New cells are correct and will highlight in red.

This is important to me so will need to re-install if it cannot be solved.



P.S. If a cell within the formatted area is altered or deleted then formatted cells highlight red font. If saved and re-opened negative numbers are back to a black font.

New sheets in 4.0 act normally. I just tried a cut’n’paste from old to a new 4.0 sheet and when re-opened negative numbers are still back to a black font.

P.S.S. Seems to be the same problem as mariosv, so I have added my findings/comments to existing bug report.

A bug Formatting: Appears to have no effect on numbers about same problem, what I have just confirmed.

A hard calculate (Crtl+Shif+F9) solve the issue.

Now: Bug 60215 - FILEOPEN: FORMATTING of value-related color, localized decimal separator and Currency VIEWING need Complete Recalculation



Hi @catwizud,

This problem sounds like a bug. Please file a bug about this in the bugtracker and explain exactly what you said here. The QA team will be happy to help you track down what’s going on here.


I apologise for the delay in replying.

@catwizud, No worries! :slight_smile: Hmm… doesn’t look like you’ll get karma if I upvote your comment, but I can upvote your question instead. Looks like you commented on the bug report as well. Thanks for helping us out!