4X6 Postcards, partially prefilled

I’m an insurance agent by trade. Never used any of these programs very much. I have a gaggle of postcards I received from a company of mine that are partially prefilled. I need to find a program, or way to set then up to finish filling in the TO address, and my business name.

I’m hoping to get a data list from the city of the names and addresses of the recipients so that I can set it up to autofill the cards in the TO and FROM areas.

If anyone can assist me in how to set this up or point me in the direction of somewhere that can I would greatly appreciate it!!!


Hi @Darrick,

Did you receive digital files for the postcards, or are they physical objects? If you have already-printed physical objects, then perhaps some kind of label printing would work well for you?

In either case, the Mail Merge functionality might be what you’re looking for. Take a look here: