5.3.2 Writer: Deletions in margin; comment balloon width

I have 5.1. Before I switch to 5.3.2, I’d like to know whether the following two critical problems for editors have been changed in the most recent version:

(1) Deletions in 5.1 appear crossed out in the text. Are they now in the righthand margin?

(2) Comment balloons in 5.1 are too narrow and not adjustable. Is the width of the balloons adjustable in 5.3?

I would LOVE to use Libre Office for my work as an editor. The above two problems are deal breakers. In a typical edited text there are so many deletions in the text that the text is no longer readable in 5.1. Yes, I know I can view the document without the deletions, but that doesn’t work for an editor. Our work is all about deletions.

Also, editors carry on long conversations with authors in the comment balloons. They simply don’t fit in the narrow balloons in 5.1.

Is there any discussion of solving these two problems?