6.2.0 Firebird Migration

Looks like migration problems of corrupt numeric/decimal values still exists in version 6.2.0. Is it safe to stay with HSQLDB until this migration problem is resolved?

While I would like to, I am hesitant to even use version 6.2 for anything with this data corruption occurring. If using 6.2 without migrating to Firebird, will the HSQLDB connection still be available for the foreseeable future?

Checking the bugzilla list it appears that there may be a number of data integrity issues migrating and using Firebird. This certainly should not be considered “operational” since data integrity is of the highest importance in a useful database.


The mentioned problem, to my knowledge and experience, only exists through the conversion process. Have presented a number of methods to get around this already.

Over six months ago, converted a MySQL DB (personal finances with thousands of records) to Firebird Embedded, Firebird Server, and PostgreSQL DB’s. Posted transactions to all four for a few months without any significant problems. Most problems occurred in differing SQL and macro related functions. However, if you never start you will not get the benefits available.

Now you mention hesitation because of data corruption. Again have only seen this in conversion & some SQL adjustments. But this also seems contradictory. If you are using HSQLDB embedded currently, I believe there is more potential for data loss there than in moving to Firebird embedded.

HSQLDB embedded will be around for some time yet (my guess is at least a year) but HSQLDB will still be an option as a split DB.

There is enough information posted in this forum to get started and get around existing problems - search on Firebird. Can’t hurt to make a copy of your .odb & try out some of the options. The additional capabilities of the SQL alone is worth the effort.