64 bit Java not working

Dear fellow members,
I am giving up. Searched the internet for a week and tried all the tips and tricks … but nothing seems to work.
As you can notice I installed the last java (jre 1.0.8_241).

If I go to the Java control panel I can see and notice the path and enabled is checked.

If I confirm (OK) I get 2 error messages telling me that I need a 64 bit Java runtime environment.

image description

If I open LibreOffice and I go to advanced I am able to add the jre. I can open the map but there is nothing to see. When you look at the first picture you can see in finder that the map is not empty.

I installed this java
image description

When again I go to the java control panel there is a message telling me that I am running the latet version.

It worked just till the latest big update from Windows. And I can not go back to the previous version because it’s more than 10 days ago.
Can somebody please give me the golden tip to make Base work again. I would appreciate it very much.
Kindest regards,


So much effort, and you show clearly that you have 64-bit LibreOffice and 32-bit Java.

Oeps … red cheeks …
How blind can someone (me) be.
1000 excuses …
Thanks for waking me up.
But it works (y)

sorry for the trouble but,
could you point out where “64-bit LibreOffice” is clearly shown ?

This image shows that Libre Office is 64 because it needs a 64bit enviroment.
And I had Java installed in Program files x86 … That’s why it was not working. Still red cheeks …

thank you for the reply. I am new to LibreOffice and was having troubles of my own.

so I have been reading many other post that may help me understand how the tables disappeared.
while your situation is not the same one that occurred with me. I am trying to learn what you did to resolve your problem because i figure, that it may happen to me later on. I have seen quite a few people having issues with the java configurations or java connections. while I understood what was happening to you, I think I could not follow the graphics as to how you “saw” a mistake; is that the answer maybe in german.
thanks again, stay safe.