7.0 Calc - Split a cell Diagonally and write text in each parts horizontal aligned left and right - SOLVED

I wish to do in LibreCalc as :

However, I do not manage to have a top text to the right and a bottom text to the left, when I use aligment it does for the all cells.

Maybe I do a stupid thing, but neither can I with:


@artofit, The second link in the question is an example of a table made in a text document (Writer in our case).

  • Type a space (in light red in the second image), the word for the first line, press Ctrl+Enter, type the word for the second line, and press Enter. (Edit: some rewording here).

Choose menu Format - Cells…:

  • In Borders tab, on the User-defined: field, select the descending diagonal.

image description

  • In Alignment tab, and for Horizontal alignment select Distributed, and OK.

image description

Edit: Maybe you will need to adjust column width and row height to make it look good. /Edit

Made with LibreOffice (x86/x64); OS: Windows 6.1/10.0.

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Thanks for solving: LO 7.0, Linux

@artofit, I’m glad it worked.

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