7.1 Carriage return in Replace

Used to be a \n in the search and replace dialog Replace field would insert a carriage return… now it just inserts \n litterally… Suggestions?

Tick the box labelled Regular expressions

Yeah, since I was using regex in my search it is ticked… no joy.

Ah. I just realised it refers to Calc. \n doesn’t work in Calc in Replace field, see wiki

Carriage returns in cells can cause problems, e.g. if using Find and Replace it won’t search beyond the carriage return



replace with nothing

[x]regular expression
[x]Selection only

sometimes the bug sits outside in Front of the screen…

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You posted your question as an answer to a 2 year old question. If you need a solution for YOUR problem, create your own question and provide a small example file, so we can test, if there is anything special in your file.
I handled a lot of this conversions between 2014 and 2018, some in Writer, some in Calc, some with Search and replace, some with SUBSTITUTE().
PS: And decide, if your question is “WHY?” or "How to do?

thank you for the response. And I apologize for being such an a$$. The response from karolus resolved my issue, but I wish there was a way to change Google search list results so they didn’t didn’t point to older responses. My bad. Sorry and will try to behave better (with a little more thought) in the future.

As you suggested, I discovered a big a$$ bug sitting in front of my keyboard.
Thanks for taking the time to respond to my initial query.