A black square and box appeared in my header when I saved a manuscript. I cannot delete it. I need help.

While saving the manuscript of my 13th novel, a black square and box appeared in the upper left hand corner of the header on my cover page. It did not appear on any other pages. How can I delete it?

I have copied and pasted the entire manuscript into a new document where no image appears in the header on the first page. When I paste the manuscript in a new document the box and square appear. Clearly the image is associate with the manuscript, not the template. I have then saved the document and closed Writer. When I open the document again the image is there. I have even put a white square image “over” the black square and box. I then move that image to the front and then to the forefront. Then I save it. Then, when I export the file to pdf, the black square and box does not appear. But when I save the doc file and the odt file, and then reopen one of them, the black square and box are there. That means, if I send the doc or odt file to my publisher or someone with Writer or Word, the square and box will be there! Please help!

Choose menu View - Navigator (the same that F5), and look in the list for a Text frame or Image that when double-clicked selects the black square/box or places the cursor in it, then press Delete or Esc-Delete.

Tested with LibreOffice (x86); OS: Windows 6.1.

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