A calc file can link a cell to other files but not to one specific file


A cell in a Calc spreadsheet (target spreadsheet file ‘A’) can import the numerical contents from a cell in another spreadsheet (source spreadsheet file ‘B’) no problem.
However, if using the same method to import from a cell in a different source spreadsheet file (source spreadsheet file ‘C’) to a different target cell in target spreadsheet file ‘A’ then the target cell displays ‘err:509’.

Tried different source cells in source file ‘C’ and different target cells in target file ‘A’ and always get ‘err:509’.

The method used is:

  1. Open both the target file ‘A’ and the source file ‘C’
  2. Select target cell
  3. Click =
  4. Go to the source file and click to select the source cell.
  5. Press the Enter key
  6. Upon pressing the Enter key the monitor display changes to the target cell, showing the contents of the source cell. But with this specific target file ‘C’ it doesn’t work and displays ‘err:509’ instead.

This method has been used for years with no problem but may not ever have been used to import the cell contents from two different target spreadsheet files before.

If anyone can help then it would be greatly appreciated.

Operating system: Linux ‘Mint 19’
Libre Office version:

Err:509 is the OperatorExpected error, make sure the formula expression is correct and forms a valid external reference. If in doubt paste the exact formula string here (edit your question).
My wild guess is, the document name contains a ' apostrophe character that would need to be doubled to escape it.

Apart from that, LibreOffice 6.0.7 is very old, as old as Mint 19 …

Update your LibreOffice to latest stable version 7.1.5. I have no problem with link from one file to another