A calc sheet created before only shows formulas instead of results after formula edit

A well used calc spread sheet returns as display in cell the text of the formula whenever the formula has been edited, and not the value of the formula calculation. Unedited formulas still return values (until edited).

Menu:Tools→Options⇒Options(Popup)⇝LibreOff Calc⇝View:Display:Formula Box is unchecked. Toggling this has no effect, except that text of formulas are displayed for all formulas when the box is checked.

Re-entering formula even using formula wizard has no effect.

The calc sheet has multiple sheets and cross sheet references.

Update: bug filed: https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=60755

I suspect this is a bug but bugzilla is down. Show stopper for this calc sheet.

@mariosv Thanks, but using a new profile in this case did not change the result.

I think this question should be closed.

Try resetting the user profile. Sometimes solve strange issues.

Bug filed as fdo#60755 - Display formula in cell instead of value of result after editing formula, undedited cells not affected - UNCONFIRMED

I found that this problem occurred when you change a formula when the cell is formatted as “Text” (use Ctrl-1, Numbers to see or change the format of the cell). If you change the format to something else, while the cell displays the changed formula instead of the result, the problem does not go away. It looks like Calc considers the formula as text, and will keep on doing that whatever format the cell is given after that. However, if you go back (using Ctrl Z) to a point before you started changing the formula, and then change the format of the cell (using Ctrl 1, Numbers) to something else (All/Standard works for me) the cell will show the result of the formula. You can also cut the changed but “corrupted” formula out of the cell, change the format to something else than Text, and copy back in the formula. It works for me!!