"A" Column Permanently Invisible from XLS import

I imported a document from excel into calc that had a hidden A column. As of now, I’m completely unable to adjust that column width. I’ve done the “highlight everything and set column width” trick, I’ve “Shown hidden cells” and such. But I cannot get the column to expand. If you scroll left form the B column, you can actually select cells from the A column (and can probably edit them) but I cannot get it visible. Using newest Mint and office. I’ve attached the file in question that will probably behave without flaw when it’s downloaded.


Any suggestions would be appreciated.


This is a bug. It is related to freezing columns while not showing leftmost column. Please file it to the bug tracker. To workaround it, unfreeze the sheet.

Or maybe it works as intended? In the end, “freeze” means “keep current view”. Excel does the same BTW.

Yes, the two function in very much the same way with the difference being, a non visible selected cell results in nothing in Calc when a freeze is performed and in excel it splits into four oddly useless windows.

The glitch seems to be isolated to Calc interpreting hidden cells within a frozen pane as outside the lock zone instead of hidden within it. Now that I know the fix, it’s barely worth a second thought. Thanks for the info!

Edit: One thing to note is that, unless it’s specific to the A column, the traditional fixes (column width, show hidden) do work to show hidden columns within frozen areas. I didn’t test it, but I imagine it also occurs with Row 1.


remove View -> Freeze Row and Columns

Hope that helps.

Thanks! This does work to fix the problem!

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