A 'Logical Operator' -based Search Option in LibreOffice?

Hello, friends!

Is there a binary (logical operator like ‘and’ , ‘or’, ‘not’, etc.) Search Option in libreOffice like the one available in google?

Is there a third-party software that can be installed within LibreOffice that can help to do the same?

Any input will be appreciated.


My reply regarding Google’s binary (logical) search:

“Help openoffice logical search” would search for all the stated words; this is the logical “and” search

“libreoffice-colour” would search all links without the word “colour”

““I am good”” searches for the phrase




Thank you, Mr. Lupp (you are way too senior to me! Please accept my gentle bow) for stating the correct method of Google (I just used ‘the choice of search we have, as a result of Google’s innovation’ as an example) – Google building indexes using site’s robots.txt files and Google’s unique spiders. You are absolutely correct, Sir.

In my kind of search we also have to follow a search method as follows:

In your immediately above text, for example, if I search “index later queries” as three words that I wish to find, the my search should first find “Index” in the first iteration, “later” in the second iteration and “queries” in the third iteration.

How to do this?

I enter on the Findtextbox a phrase. The entire phrase is now an array. The criterion of the phrase is that a string between two single-spaces is taken as one search word.

Two or more consecutive spaces would be reduced to one.

I use the max() c function to find the largest unit required for a link-list, with each word as a new array, that we’d build. Once I have the link-list my search iterations begin.

I run my first iteration matching the first word (an array) present in the open text document.
Then for the second, the third, …, limited by the no. of spaces.

Use the LibreOffice colour palette to colour uniquely each of the words.

So we are not searching for a phrase but individual word in each iteration. Then we would be able to narrow down to a line(s) that has(have) those criteria, i.e., fulfilling them.

This would be my search applet.

Actually, this could be extended to the entire Linux system for searching some specific words in any text document!

In that case you would need user-viewable list file in the file browser. Then we could open each of the listed files individually and see that we want to see.

For example, please feel free to see this page:Georges-Etienne Legendre’s Mozilla add-on SearchWP

It is such a phrase search as I have stated above.

Next, we go for the words which we don’t want in our text document, in the same manner.


sorry, I dont know about the one available in google

The binary search algorithm is implemented in Calc

for the Functions:


MATCH  # without third, or with third argument 1 or -1

[H|V]LOOKUP # without fourth, or fourth argument 1 or -1

I thought so. Thanks for your reply. But I will keep the question open. If there at all is!

As @bkpsusmitaa obviously did not use the term “binary search” with its technical meaning of applying a half-interval algorithm, I want to add an explanation.

Is there a binary (logical operator) Search Option in libreOffice like the one available in google?

Asking google a question will not cause a search in “the internet” (www), but will run a query based on huge index files of thousands of TiBytes (including subindexes and cross indexes and cross-cross indexes) google is maintaining and updating all the time sending their robots all over the world. If someone wants to get answered similar queries concerning information contained in their files, they should first define an appropriate dissection of the available information and then create indexes. A single function or tool should not be expected to do the task efficiently.

Its more or less obviously, if you understand networking and computers, searching the data from Internet would be impossibly slow even today, so although it’s rather extremely expensive it’s better in almost every way to have someone index all that text from which others search then.

That doesn’t answer my query - you have analysed the issue, but not informed of third-party search applet that could be installed in Libreoffice to do the logical search.

Can the matter be bought to our Programmers’ notice? This would very innovative applet if built.

Won’t have to build indexes like Google, just plain search logically!

No need to chat about google! I just cited google as an example

@bkpsusmitaa : Ok. I simply found google was used to give an example of what you do not want (build indexes ahead and later answer queries). “Just plain search” looks simple but is not. Search for something else but a simple text constant is complicated. The more options you want to have, the more the sheer clear definition of the task will become a problem. Just define, in a next step, what you want to be handled as “a word” for example.

I have added my need in my question (further extended) :slight_smile: Thank you for showing interest!