A navigable list of workbook tabs?

Over the past 2 months, I have found myself working with workbooks that contain an average of 80 tabs. Unfortunately, it is quite a pain to navigate to the tab I need, for example while reading a formula, writing a formula, or reading data. Is there an more efficient method of navigation than scrolling through the tabs at the bottom of the window, or using Ctrl+PgUp and +PgDn?

Try out the Navigator (F5). It has a Sheets section that will show sheet names. Click on a sheet name to move there. It may also be helpful to open the spreadsheet in more than one window (Window/New Window.) You can use the Navigator with these windows. Click on a sheet to activate it, then click on a sheet name in the navigator and this will set the current sheet independently of sheets in other windows.

Damn; thought I looked through all the menus before asking this question. Clearly not. Thanks for the pointer.