A number of times I have returned to my work only to find the text has vanished.

Sometimes I find red squiggles at points on the page that seem to denote where my text previously existed. I have tried to start over from the point of erasure but even if I change the font I am unable to put anything on the page. Please help.

These red “squiggles” exist in Writer, Calc and Impress. Which application do you use? (you tagged common meaning you use all of them).

Please edit (don’t use an answer which is reserved for solutions on this site) your question to mention your OS and LO version. Improve the description of the problem. Retag to restrict common to one of writer, calc or impress.

Wavy red lines in Writer denote generally spelling errors. If this is a small red triangle, it means you are overflowing a fixed size container like a frame or text box. You see that there are many possible causes; help us to help you by being as much descriptive as possible. If you can’t, attach your file (this is only possible by editing your question and using the paperclip tool).

This is not the answer to your question, but you should consider saving your work more often. Also, if you will be away from the computer for any appreciable length of time, you should consider saving the document and closing the application (Writer, whatever). That way, nothing “unintended” can happen to your work.

It might be a screen drawing issue. You could try turning off OpenGL or Skia if it is on. Click in menu Tools > Options > View and untick Use OpenGL or Skia (might be in a different sub-heading)

It might instead be a problem with your user profile. If the above doesn’t make any difference or is already turned off you could see if it happens in Safe Mode. In the menu click click Help > Restart in Safe Mode, when LO dialog comes up, click Continue in Safe Mode and see if problem goes away. If it does then your user profile is corrupted and you will need to back up your old one and reset it. More info at User Profile