A problem with image dpi in LO Draw

The fact that libreoffice distorts images when exporting to PDF wasn’t new for me. But back then I didn’t notice that the size also changes.

To show that, I’ve created a 400×400 px image with standard 90 dpi with GIMP, a 1px thick black square: >3 points required to post files! Well, enjoy your visit to my mega share… MEGA

Then I imported that image to Draw. This is how it looked like on 100% zoom: >3 points…! MEGA
One can spot the distortion without stressing an eye. Now the interesting part: I copy the original image over the screenshot… and it’s smaller! >3 points…! MEGA

I must say, that screenshots are taken also with the standard 90 dpi, but the actual dpi of my monitor is 92×91, as it is reported by nvidia-settings >3 points…! MEGA I suppose, that LibreOffice tries to adapt to my dpi so the document on the screen had the same size on the paper. But I am writing an electronic document, where 90 dpi is a de facto standard. And I can’t let out a document in which screenshots that must be clean are horribly distorted – see >3 points…! MEGA for example.

The images got distorted independently of the export format, be it PDF or a PNG file.

How can I fix this problem without resorting to some other app?

I use LO on Gentoo, binary distribution.

The recent OpenGL/OpenCL problem affects images + printing. See reply to Q64314.

This is likely bug tdf#85761, which has been fixed for v5.0.6, v5.1.2, and v5.2.0.