A spreadsheet has started adding notes to a cell when I edit it showing the edit history and outlining the cell in blue. How do I turn this off please?

I’ve no idea how this feature got turned on, but it’s extremely irritating!


probably you inadvertenly started Track Changes feature using CTRL+SHIFT+C - see also Edit -> Track Changes -> Record. Type CTRL+SHIFT+C once more to disable.

outlining the cell in blue

This sounds a bit strange since Track Changes feature causes a red border on each cell change. May be you additionally checked View -> [x] Value Highlighting (CTRL+F8), though this only would show data type number in blue, while formula would show in green color and text in black color.

Hope that helps.

Brilliant - thanks that’s sorted it. I may have got the colour of the outline wrong as I’m more than a bit colour blind

You guys are simply brilliant. I was hesitant as to how to frame my query, then came across the question by Peter153. Thank you, Peter for beautifully framing it. And then the succint answer posted here by Opaque. Thank you. It worked so well. Thanks a ton!