A Stacked Bar Gantt Chart in Calc that excludes weekends.


Searching around some tutorials I’ve managed to make a Gantt chart in Calc using the stacked bar chart

But i didn’t managed to exclude weekends from the Y scale

(I Tried attaching the image here but says I need more than 3 points to do so, so I uploaded it here: http://imgur.com/a/vQJmp )

Using workday function from “task 2” onward the cells shows the correct value, but i am not sure how to adjust the scale to exclude weekends

What I’m trying to do is possible? (I’m using version


Hello @fernandodx,

If i understand it correctly, then your column C contains the Duration in Workdays, and what you actually want is the Duration in Weekdays.

The difference between the Duration in Weekdays and the Duration in Workdays is 2, if the duration contains a weekend.

A simple solution might then be if you just created a new column for the Duration in Weekdays, with a formula like:


Then set this new column in your chart instead of column C.

Oh that worked! thank you very much!

Glad to read it worked @fernandodx,
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