A summary page in Calc

How do I create a summary page in Calc that also lists the items in the pages it references - like an index showing subheadings under each entry.


I’m producing a spreadsheet for estimating house construction in a specific manner, so I have broken the house down to its incumbent items against our local Quantity Surveying standard. There are 16 pages in all, including a summary page.

Now the summary page just lists the totals from each item page, but I was wondering about being able to print the sub-items from each individual page on the summary page also, so each sub-item could also be viewed.

I wondered if the item cell could be turned into a menu that listed each item on the page it was referencing.

nigel@4walls.nz: More detail is needed. How are the items to be summarized – added together perhaps? Edit the question and give a simplified example. Also, do not post as community wiki. See guidelines for asking.