Guidelines for asking

Warning: This topic has not been updated for the new site, so much of it may no longer be relevant.

On this site, it’s reasonably straightforward to upvote image descriptionor downvote image descriptionquestions, or ask for corrections or clarification image description.

But how do I decide what counts as a good question or a bad question?

From what I could find, the closest thing to guidelines is at Ask/Getting Started - The Document Foundation Wiki. Also, this answer gives links to a different site.

For example, consider the question at How can I get text back since I only have notepad with your software?. It seems like a bad question for many reasons:

  • title is too long and doesn’t seem like a summary
  • no version number or operating system
  • not clear what file types are involved
  • no reproducible steps were given
  • The whole question is very unclear.

However, I did not downvote because I cannot point to any recognized standard that was not followed.

A summary page in Calc
the write document page is shifted right how to I get back to default
easy way to mark a large section in a spreadsheet
how do i get one box to equal the total of that box times the locked column box
Can calc update time changes automatically when a time is changed. (A knock on effect). I am using excel for a hourly time management process system
LibreOffice Menu Bar
How to use google input tool in libre office
feature like table function in excel microsoft office?
How can I change the default style?
Getting err 504 with complex function
Can you easily create a dropdown/spoiler in Writer?
When update of site in the Polish (pl) language version?
Can't copy print range with page breaks to new spreadsheet
Can I use the spreadsheet and math to track customer points?
Search function
How to limit the use of attributes in writer
How to embed, not link files to writer?
Column format not adhered to
Searching for Data Source Provider
How/why do some worksheet tabs have SORT buttons on every cell in row 1?
I need to find a portable document scanner that works with Libre Zorin OS. Epson WorkForce DS-40 wireless color document scanner works with only Windows, Mac, and Linux
LibreCalc: =Textjoin (For excel) in librecalc
Link to other files
LibreCalc: =Textjoin (For excel) in librecalc
I'm stumped! [ CHART, see upload]
Basic macro: how to get a bookmark page number?
How to create save-as filename from data within the document in writer
Solved > macros not saving
What makes a good tag?
Why text can not be rotated 180 degrees?
In calc is there a formula to show what day my birthday will be on this year?
Page Numbers In LO
How to suppress unwanted final blank page in Writer
I downloaded version 545, and now I cannot find my documents, please advise. thank you.
insert libreoffice writer column
Copy cells from one sheet and paste in another sheet
Calc sum function bug?
Using LibreOffice to make commercial videos - legal?
Paste data, NOT formats, into LO?
Is there a equivalent
Freeze row function does not work
What if I can't change page view back to single page view?
Pivot structure
Getting #REF with Getpivotdata when asking for Row/Column figure
How can I add Monotype corsiva
How do I create an instance of a singleton?
Excell hlookup
create drop down list in forms
How to change character color. I keep getting paint can
Bible verses collected, and sorted by books, chapters and verses, in a Biblical order in LibreOffice calc.
Problem adding characters from unicode with autotext and autocorrect
How do I select a portion of an image in LibreOffice Writer?
LO 5.3 writer documents won't open
How do I add extra columns to a spreadsheet
Calc printing sheet in 000's? Or Millions without "M"
How do I save in ODF Formula ODF?
Item Memory
I want to alphabetize one of the columns in a spreadsheet
Reference does not exist
Will downloading libre office interfere with MS office currently installed?
Lost files and LibreOffice during update to 5.4.5.
How to include quotient remainder
How to remove the line in my writer ?
Deploying Python Macro Script to LibreOffice Document in Windows 7 using Deployment Script?
How to do a column sum when the cells are not numeric formatted
Data Entry Form Format
when i right click on a cell i get an up-and-down arrow box
Highlight if a date is within the spreadsheet when entered
How do I freeze the spreadsheet screen?
Why won't the Solver keep the answer
months in right order in pivot table
How to make a simple graph?
Solved: listbox selection set to match a text string
How do I switch view to industry standard?
Libre Office writer wont start since blocked by a "recovery" window impossible to remove
Is there any way to copy Calc cell content and paste... something else?
How do I repeat the same lines on top of each page I print.
spreadsheet opens in writer and not calc
Find and replace does not open a dialog box
Where are my documents stored for me to retrieve them?
Execute macro in Calc from terminal
Use cell to name worksheet
Variable page numbers
cannot find -lstdc++
How do I convert an odt in Mangal font into Akruti Font?
Text format is reset when I add a row in table (Writer 6)
Cancelled means CANCELLED!
Can I setup a spreadsheet to show a blank when result is zero?
Simple pivot table
macro to !modify! autofilter in calc II [solved]
general concept for calc macros
How to populate text fields from a sql query.
I'm using date format yyyy/mm/dd. how do i get "2017/03/13"?
Equations looks unclear in Writer
Why libreoffice always reset to default setting when os updating or libreoffice updating?
Nudging selected objects with arrow keys?
avgerage 3 cells
Can I Reset user data from command line?
Negative time in red
Changing language issue
Uninstalled LibreOffice, then reinstalled. Working fine. Why are my .doc, .docx and .txt files 'red' in saved folder?
Unable to access namespace functions
screen page numbers don't track actual pages, why?
PDF content have caracters special different to origin document
An error occurred during download. Please try again. How do I fix this?
Add sub function to an onAction parameter
SHORTCUT, please?
Is there a limit to the size of charts in calc?
Put a bibliographic input as a cross reference and keep it saved in the document
Different header on second page but same footer
How do I open or install LibreOffice?
Version: (x64) spell checker not working?
how do I change the untitled default settings in swriter
How can I align images in frames?
Is there a UML XShape for LibreOffice?
I have a bug report: page 1 of 1...
Writer: sub numbering
Taskbar (bottom) word count
Can't change small details in the writer
Calc: Sort by the last 4 numbers
How can I change page setup - e.g. left, right, top and bottom margins for documents and also how do i add borders and shading as available in Word, please?
Write number to cell if same number exist in diffrent cell
How can one "unlock" a document to be edited and read?
How do i get calc to input data on a friday as long as the date is not in the future
Remove dictionaries
Create Histogram With Grouped Data in Writer
4 digit paragraph enumeration
windows 10 says install .msi is invalid
Calc: sort not working (Ubuntu 16.04)
Problem with libreOffice base
Calc: vlookup produces Er:502 error after column 10
No proper formated table import from calc to writer?
Calc: How I can enable autoadjust lines on?
How do I set up a file or folder to send photos in?
Manage styles
Installation query (urgent)
Can't sort by name with LibreOffice Calc
Calc: Running total based on Weeks
how to use exact function to compare a text value from a cell to a constant value
How to disable this unicode auto completion?
I have an i in the left margin of my document. Using the backspace key will not remove it. Also my page numbering stopped with this page. What is it and how do I remove it?
Highlight cell depending on values of adjacent cells
Download link doesn't work?
How can I change the page numbering in the header of text
how to hide the read-only and Edit Button
Error. ascii' codec can't encode character u'\ufffd'
How does one open the boxes for Answers and Views?
Apply style does not apply style
Return a value in a row, based on two other rows
Reoccurring events
Ordering Results from a Filter in Calc or in Base
spanish auto spell-check
Indent and left justify
How to put dialog.xlb and script.xlb into Standard directory in a calc.ods file
how do i turn off keystroke delay
synonym function is gone
Sumif using multiple partial matches
Is there a simple way to pass a push button parameter to a macro?
How do I install offline Help for LibreOffice in Linux Mint 18.3?
Had doc on Word-tfd to Writer & saved as odt. USB opens in Word.
Need python code for adding TOC, defining styles for Heading 1
Paramters in Report based on Query
Insert index entry jumps to another word.
Excel has many Bible reading plans, can I convert to LibreOffice Calc file? Safely?
getting the highest value per cell from various sheets
How do I change the default language in templates?
How can I set up and use Hebrew in LibreOffice?
remove links in Table of Contents in writer
How can I attach 2 cover pages to a document without changing formats of either
How can I add a word to the Dictionary?
save libre calc file from
It seem as if this application doe NOT want to install in win 10 ver 1803'
Is it possible to create an A5 document instead of the default A4. If so how?
Attempting to install latest version of Libreoffice and receiving message asking for path to a version I never had. What gives?
define language
Spell check in Russian does not work
data is saved, print review no data, unable to print
LO 6 spellcheck is not working.
margin setting
manual tabs
how to disable autoformat to any downloaded file
How to remove unwanted native templates
control z doesn't work
Write Error while exporting odp as ppt(x) formatted file
How do I avoid having a legit question closed before answered? My 1st & only 1 so far was, 'cuz xxxx was too tired or rash to do the easy, quick job of understanding its relevance to LibreOffice.
How to get an Excel document to print entire sheet
Install to drive D: in Windows
Writer: Additional Languages for Spellcheck
Can I remove the red wavy underline?
How to avoid table cell not accessible
customized style shortcut not working
How do I turn off read only?
Book Template
when i open a file in calc, why is the status unsaved?
what java version is recommended for 6.1.2
Changing page layout / style of existing document
spell check indonesia
we use Open Office. Can we install LibreOffice over that? Delete Open Office? have access to Open Office files?
we use Open Office. Can we install LibreOffice over that? Delete Open Office? have access to Open Office files?
How to install dictionary or not displayed?
automatic spell check not working
Need help with CSV to XLS - tried everything. Peculiar issue
kanban board style
Possibly a Bug?
how to highlight sub-levels in customize in numbered paragraphs in Libre Writer
I can open a Writer doc and enter text but not perform any other function
can not run excel macro-enabled file in LibreOffice spreadsheet
Excel to libre problems
How can I download GB english version onto Italian Win 7
PPT Preview with Thai Characters
cannot open operating system (Win10) after download newest version
Problem with writing long vowels: why do they appear as double letters?
Lock in Font Size
why does my libre doc change to Word doc automatically
Change (or eliminate) default cell background shading for URL
Conseils pour poser une question
Table of Contents but with line spacing
I have been unable to figure out how to insert page numbers. The instructions how to insert page numbers are pathetic/incomprehensible/unrelated to options at each step. What am I supposed to do?
how do I press "OK"?
Whenever I edit a document, a little yellow box appears saying "Inserted: Name date/time". They get in the way of the text and I'd like to stop them appearing. How?
Converted Header Problem
Spelling Checking Not Working
I want to use the Date Field 1 option twice, but it puts a "2" after the second date
hey i have problem in furmola mode[math]
libreoffice wont open
Calc automation
Auto spell check and Dictionary does not work
I have completed my book but need to add headers and footers for separate pages. How do I do this?
Create and Save .docx in Writer then reopen and Bulleting is incorrect
How to activate spell check on Libre 6.1.4 W x 86, w/my HP w/windows 10, and I do not want to use Windows 10 to intervene?
cannot access documents
Adding dictionary to English LibreOffice to spellcheck a Swedish document
How to fix bullets and numbering that are locked in default mode and levels do not work
I lost margins and pg numbers, how do I get them back?
Writer 3 page document numbering
I have a Form Database and a Spreadsheet that I want to communicate with each other.
How to save a file on current path and particular path (eg. d:\) using macro.(using open office 2.0)
why doesn't wrap text to window work, where is the switch to turn it on ?
how to format only 30 columns on spreadsheet
MacOS will not let me save style in Writer
How do I get the whole page to print?
Some faulty lines have appeared in my document. Can anyone help me get rid of them? They are not directly editable! Added few pages of the .doc file as well as the screenshot of the lines
Only 2 languages supported
Spellchecker in multiple languages. How to get it working on latest build?
why are my Libre word documents being saved in Note format?
I can use Column border but not option please start this option
I can use Column border but not option please start this option
Office 2010 autocorrect table import
how to download help for libre 6
Need help correcting strange manuscript formatting problem
Using SQL cursor and loop in LO base macro
Can I check a document?
incorrect spelling in dictionary
How do I make the page Chapter 1 starts on page one of the book
[Meta] Feature request: Should original poster be able to answer own question?
Entering a ⬛ changing the font on that line.
Cannot make Dutch spelling to work :(
add French language
how to import stock priceshowto addprices
Resetting page numbers in Writer
How do I migrate OO autocorrects, macros and key assignments to LibreOffice?
Using copy/paste erases spaces
locks up on 0tt files
Cannot make Dutch spelling to work :(
How to justify text copied from web?
Error saving the document: Object not accessible. The object cannot be accessed due to insufficient user rights
How do I edit the title of a document?
how do you take the nth root in the finnsih version of your software
New Style does not work
where and how to download the help menu for libreoffice
downloaded help and dictionary not working
how do i recover my 6.1.6 libreoffice files after a crash?
How come when I create a Libreoffice spreadsheet it shows up in a new window as a Microsoft Excel document?
Is LibreOffice really only for people with a programmer's mind?
Malayalam letters not displaying properly in libreoffice 5.1
cannot save file due to write error
I seem to have lost libre program
Can I insert a clockwise (and a counter-clockwise) symbol in Writer?
tried to open LibreOffice email and message: fix account
How do I get page numbering to sequence, 1,2,3,etc in document?
How to find or Format a Portrait page of labels?
I am typing maths text and now italics turn on and off at random, ctrl-I does not work.
Spell check not responding
Right-click in the table of contents, and then choose Edit Index or Table of Contents.
how do I make entries in a document arrange in alphabetical order
did update now no documents will open
When I start to type formular IT GOES TO USER DEFINED. CAN'T GET A FORMULAR IN .
Trying to convert pdf to odt
PDF Conversion of file types(.numbers,.pages,.key) are blank
how do I install email to desk top
How/where can I set custom margins for a whole document?
export to pdf only writes last page
Autocorrect apply not smartening quotation marks
documents only print underlines & objects, no text
English Thesaurus doesn't work
Writer page numbering
word bracked
how set header
How do I recover my file?
The table which is inside the Endnote, is not getting exported in HTML
I want to give page numbers to my 12 pages document. On first page i want to have 5th page number an so on till 12th number.. means in liber office new document first page, i want to put 5th number of page on 1st page and so on
Help with Base rounding decimals
How do I use photos from my phone
How do I add fonts
MacOS: Assigning macro to shortcut.
How do I add a .dbf file to Dbase to include in queries
Every time I click to edit text a box appears that I can't remove and can't proceed with edit.Never used Librewriter before please help
Guidelines for answering
Program Crashed no data recovery
text document frozen how do | 'unfreeze'
I need to create multiple entry labels for mailing addresses
How to complete fields with data in fields in another table
how are missing values dealt with in calc?
How to cancel a page ?
I am using Writer it reports: "No dictionary available"
In Base, Version:, I added 2 new fields in my Table, how do I add those fields to an existing Form? And YOU, don't just read this question and move on, please provide an answer! Nevermind, due to the lack of support, I went ahead and purchased MS Access.
Questions about poor sorting
How can I make Anki word cards from LIbreOffice calc?
How do I get options for a Chinese character?
no dictionarying Libre Office and Win 10 - fully updated. When I choose
Issues with deepin
importing files from open office
How to prevent Header from transmitting its contents to all pages?
How do I install a medical speller
Can I edit a pasted spreadsheet in Writer?
Language version and settings
How do I download Libre writer in an office where I am hooked into a network.
Migrating macro from Excel to LO
Making an event poster and the elements look weird when I sent the ODT file. What's going on?
My calc in Write become a big blue Puzzle Piece
global replacement of straight quotes to curly quotes
I need a portable version either zip of 7z
can libreoffice develop such feature,very useful
Changing double character space between end of each sentence to single
inserting images in writer is a joke!
The Libre Office on my computer crashed last evening.
How do I stop the jpeg picture from reverting to its original position landscape after I have rotated the picture and saved the document, then opened it again to find it has gone back to landscape ?
how do i rotate a document 180 degrees?
i see index but lo list
Libre office does not open files with cyrillic names nor files in directories with cyrillic names in Manjaro 19 KDE. What should I do to fix it? 10x
LibreOffice Spell Checker
Keyboard problem with spacing
How do I view and edit doc in horizontal mode?
Why is LibreOffice underlining every word in red?
Every time when I add special symbols it adds a flagpole ..
Formatting a Page as First Page does not work.
Making corrections to text in German.
Writer crashes when I use a Greek language font. This has never happened with earlier versions. Is there a fix?
How to fix "lock file could not be created... ?
How can I install 2 additional spell-check dictionaries
how do I number pages
have just updated libraoffice to version and now nothing works
6.3.5 update; now documents won't open
Why can't I access my documents anymore
unwanted tab inserted before text by style Header1
Documents do not open
How do I edit vertical line on an invoice form I imported?
putting a file reference at the bottom of a document
Libra Office Should also be in Hindi language
Hyperlinks Are Not Creating and Working Properly
When copy/pasting LORD is changed to Lord.
how do i upload from printer
is Calc has "Watch Window" feature like excel ?
Spell Check not working in Libre Office Writer
German Dictionary not working. Bug?
Why can't you putos let me sign in on my laptop? I'm trying to get some answers to decide if I want to use this maldita LibreOffice.
I lost a document and it ended up saving again under the same name. How can I retrieve the original?
Error message
C++ content XCell
How to transfer a date table into a month by month report table in SQL?
libre office won't install on linux.
Weird specific crash, not user profile problem
Why cant I print it says no data
macro with strsql to append data from calc to table in connected db
Listbox Item Selected Event
Error: Out of memory
BASIC + Base : The first row of a 2D array is lost
Can't download spellcheckers. Libreoffice (x64), Windows 10
Why doesn't Writer remember my custom-format date field? (Footer, Header)
how I make invoices from many customers in single time/auto input??
On Linux: Macro executing shell command.
INSERT INTO not working
How to insert page numbering in a long and growing document
Sent text will not open
used all icons on tool bars that change clipart in doc how to fix
How to get back my context menu with Synonyms, Spelling suggestions etc
I installed Libre Office yhesterday and it worked fine. Today it will not respond whenI try to open a file.
How do I retrieve an unsaved document that was lost when the computer restarted and failed to recover it upon start up?
my printer will not print a spreadsheet doc, how do I fix this
Hello I just downloaded Libreoffice. I'm trying to copy/paste my petition for Certiorari to United States Supreme Court.
I can't make sense of this (---removed) thing!
. Some words have to be defined as Headings, to be included in a Table of Contents in a document prepared inLibre office writer software. What can be used for this
my printer will not print a spreadsheet doc, how do I fix this
Why is it so difficult to get help with libre office
I’m trying to print. Why does it enlarge my doc to a size that can only fit one word on each page?
Looking for a database that can assist in Property Management
When I minimize one of two or more LibreCalc files I can't resize them back again. It seems like it is invisible.
Have you thought to integrate an e-mail client into the suite?
Grammar check not working
How do I activate a dictionary that I have downloaded?
Automatic spell checking is not working
Writer - Grammar checking?
How to make all the spell check for french language
Every time I restart, it revert to Liberation Mono
How to sum only cells with negative values in a column?
Why has LibreOffice Draw (which I don't use) hijacked all my PSD files, converting them to LibreOffice Draw files?
don't see red spell corrections
Any solid recommendation for undelete software?
I want to include a row of added data automatically into my summary average already does this for a summary column which is the product of another summary cell value and a do i do this?...d
Some LibreOffice Writer fonts that I like have disappeared.
Page Numbering Addon Error
Is LibreOffice free
My default settings is Google Chrome but when I try to download Libre it tells me to go to the Microsoft apps to get it. Can you explain why it won't allow me to download to Google Chrome Windows 10
hyphenation for .is
How do I update my Open Office from old version to a newer version and do I need to preserve all my old odt files or will they carry over to updated system?
How can I save pages and email them?
Can row 3 be moved to row 2?
Writer may have a flaw in it, when you maximise the doc after it has minimise, the doc locks up (v7.0.1.2).
Get message "The lock file could not be created for exclusive access by Libre Office due to missing permission to create a lock file on that file location ..." . What is this about? It's been happening since Mac OS Catalina.
Hi, how do I add french to LibreOffice?
Spell Check Frozen
If I am typing in Spanish, I want to print accents for the vowels. But I don't know how.
How to insert page numbers using Libre office 7.0
The object cannot be accessed due to insufficient user rightser
I have had to change my pc & used easeusto do transfer tool but when I try to open a document in LibreOffice it says that it does not exist
When resizing a Writer document I get white gaps on many pages. How do I get rid of these?
documents in libre do not print black, they print gray
cannot use external data in formulas
Scan / save documents.
Is typing in Marathi in the new version of this libreoffice?
How can I cause all headers to automatically update to the new, updated header format?
Recently when I access a libreoffice document, I get a grey field that covers over my document. The grey field comes and goes as I move my mouse around. How can I fix this?
How do I get my scale to stay set for printing purposes.
I want page numbers to start with document, not with front matter.
Libre Calc csv file
Bug in the LibreOffice graphical interface
How do I get rid of a view with side by side pages?
Chinese language is not working in 6.xx LO on W10. Works elsewhere as expected. Ideas why?
Changed entries to #REF!
How do I paginate completed document?
I lose some paragraph indents after saving my mms. Very frustrating to keep going over the saved material, looking for wrong indents
I recently moved to LO 6 with OS upgrade. Cannot understand new interface. How do I revert back to old menu bar (file,edit,...etc)
why can't I open LibOffice on my mac book air
Hidden flag options
Cell division
One Landscape Page
can libre office read and mail files?
Saving as CSV I've lost all graphic accents and tibetan fonts (Jomolahari) !!
Can LibreOffice spellcheck in French
Spell check language won't change to English
How do I resize LibreOffice application window so there is enough room on the screen to do other things there? I'm using Writer 6, Mint 19
my word processing spell check is not working properly
Why am I getting weird symbols when I want to use 's
Bankers rounding
can I do a text on page along with spreadsheet columns?
how to start recording a macro
How do I include an umlaut in text?
When i add pdf files using hyperlink in my LibreOffice document, certain pdf files are not opening through the link. Can you please help me with this?
How can i get LibreOffice to automatically number pages?
landscape pages changes to portrait page automatically without changing the setting. why?
What does ODF file mean?
how do I cutomise spacing between paragraphs?
How to apply Border yo one page only
How to better fit the needs of young learners?
I'm using ver 7.0; my saved documents show inside of the word processor are missing
Error in version
Need a new choice for Pali language in Characters/Paragraphs dialog box.
How to use English spelling, hyphenation, dictionaries?
Libreoffice 7 German dictionary
Can't save LibreOffice Writer files as documents that Microsoft Word users can open anymore
How do I add text to a copied document
How do I put my files in alphabetical order?
Spell check does not work
Keeps freezing on start-up
How to publish live data from libre office to website? Is that possible? Thank you
Disgusting KDE integration! What need to install so that it does not look like a product of the 90s?
I can't get my spell check to work.
How to get text on one page to go up to preceding page [SOLVED]
How do I create a master document for quotations for clients? Please keep it simple as I am not 'au fait' with computers? Thanks in advance
Cursor stuck in text box after paste operation
center manuscript title vertically in writer
Can I use text in a Watermark to show COPY ONLY or DRAFT ONLY or any other text?
Unable to open comments
master document navigator insert option not coming?
Want to downgrade. Can I get provious settings back?
Spellcheck in LibreOffice Writer displaying [None] even with language selected
Within how many days I should post the application and required documnets after applying for pan card?
Installing dictionary error:
How may I add additional languages to the dictionary?
incorrect spelling keeps appearing even after I've corrected everything
Document text replaced with ÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿ what do I do?
Can you add a checkbox to text?
Is Insert Special Character working?
how to get different headers on different pages in writer
Set todays date in a cell but then fix it
How to change language of the menu in LibreOffice?
Why the language tool is error?
convert docx to html in command line not working
Same style for pages for simple and short ebook
Best Alternative to MS - Excel 2016
[calc] cannot move in the cells using the arrow keys
Cannot set language for spell check
Page numbers reset to 1 when using Heading 1 text
Sum 2 digit number in a single cell?
Base: Firebird vs HSQLDB embedded database?
Hi! Is there a feature "Sort or filter by cell background color" in Libreoffice Calc? If not, is there a hack to filter cell by background color? Thanks. Edited
libreoffice impress presentation reference / bibliography manager
How do we import the listener events of LibreOffice writer in Visual Basic 6?
Ask/Getting Started from old to new?
Ask/Getting Started from old to new?
How to solve the error on oStatement.executeUpdate()
Exporting linked data from two tables for mail merge
ActiveX Control for LibreOffice in C#
How can I make address labels from a spreadsheet
how to change the way libreoffice looks
Need display sl no in control table

If a questioner only has 1 point, and ask a reasonable question, I often up vote just to help them get started here.

I recently tried to participate at where I only had 1 point. Oh, my gosh. How terrible it is not to be able to add links, images or vote.

So to me the 1 up-vote to get them 10 points, helps build members here who have shown some basic trustworthiness.

But note that I didn’t up-vote the example given, which is a terrible question IMHO. … But might be foreign lang.

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May be: “If you are no fluent with English, repeat the question in your native language”.
It would give another opportunity to understand the question.

2021-08-03 This question has been “pinned” by ajlittoz to be a reference for newcomers

Agreed, there should be tips about the new site. However I do not understand the new site well enough yet. For example, instead of karma points, I think there are reputation levels, but I do not know the details.

Have there been common misconceptions people have had so far about how to create questions? I have only read a few of the questions so far. Maybe someone else who has been more involved than me could create a new topic and answer that also includes the relevant ideas from here. We may also need to wait a month or so until we see how things are working and then we will know better how to write the tips.

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Here is a suggested list of guidelines for asking questions.

  • Research the problem online first to avoid duplication. Mention what you find. Attempt to solve the problem before asking, and explain what efforts you have made. Programming questions should include code snippets.
  • Simplify and isolate the problem as much as possible. Use elementary problem solving or debugging techniques. Describe problems encountered and show error messages.
  • Give all information and steps necessary to reproduce the problem. Attach* a sample document if necessary. Provide version, operating system and locale when relevant.
  • Use common grammar and wording so that people in other countries besides your own can understand. Calc formulas should use ; for the separator.
  • Clearly state the actual question and desired results. The title should be a short summary, and add relevant tags. Do not check the “community wiki” checkbox.
  • After asking, monitor the question for a few days in case corrections or clarifications are requested. Edit the question or add a comment as needed, but do not use the answer box unless you are providing an answer to your own question.*
  • If a useful answer is given, mark it as correct by clicking :heavy_check_mark: in the upper left area of the answer, and consider upvoting.* Otherwise, explain in a comment below the answer why it is not acceptable.

* Requires the number of karma points listed here.

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Thanks, for the tips.

May I add:

  • To edit, complete your question, or answer a request for clarification, do not use the answer box. Use comments or edit your question.


I was just now thinking about that. Yes, it has been added.

Agree, but then they will probably end up solving most of the Q’s themselves. :-~

More seriously, I think this list needs to be shorter rather than longer. 3 points might do: a) Help goes to those who earn it. b) Show that you’re trying to learn and solve your own problem. c) Provide lots of clear and exact details and don’t leave anything out.

Now I have to ask myself If I always live up to all that, and I know that I don’t. So d) sit on it awhile before submitting.

@EasyTrieve: Your list is a good summary, and could be all that is necessary as a reminder for people who have some experience. It’s also a reasonable answer to what counts as a good or bad question (feel free to post it as an answer).

People who are new may not know that “exact details” includes version and locale, for example. And the “community wiki” checkbox was not obvious to me early on. So I think such tips are helpful as well.

a) Help goes to those who earn it.
b) Show that you’re trying to learn and solve your own problem.
c) Provide lots of clear and exact details and don’t leave anything out.

Now I have to ask myself If I always live up to all that, and I know that I don’t. So

d) Sit on it awhile before submitting.

Extra credit) Make your question as simple and clear as possible. Spell things correctly out of respect for those who have to read it.

From what I could find, the closest thing to guidelines is at

+1. I’ve revamped that guide a bit, feel free to update it further if needed. The trick being to find the balance between something easy and quick to read vs. detailed but too long to keep reader’s attention.

However as long as there is no very obvious link at the Ask landing page to the guide, then there is no point giving hints about how to ask a question. Because if users are given this very topic in the Ask site, it means that they have already posted…

I’ve sent a message (feedback form) asking for the link to the Getting started guide to be more visible (at least in bold) on the right of the question list and in the top area when in the asking question page.