A table doesn't fill in the entire horizontal area

Windows 11 Home with LibreOffice

I use View → Web instead of View → Normal.

I have a table which I have set all its rows’ size to Minimal Column Width, just as a starting point of editing it, hoping that I could make this table to fill in all horizontal area left for it to cover (with no horizontal scrolling needed).

My problem

My problem is that there is horizontal empty space even when there is no option for horizontal scrolling; that the table doesn’t cover all natural horizontal empty space.

Here is an image to depict what I mean:

Here is an ODF sample to depict what I mean:

2023.odt (18.0 KB)

Things I have tried to solve that problem

  • Optimal Column Width to all cloumns; didn’t solve the problem.
  • Distribute Columns Evenly to all columns; didn’t solve the problem.

My question

How to solve that problem?

How to make a table to fill in all the natural horizontal area it has left to fill in?

Please upload an ODF type sample file here.

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Done. please download it from the edited post.

Right click on the Table: Table Properties… :

(Your sample document has Letter Page size with Margins)

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Sadly it didn’t help.

I have updated the question with a crucial datum which is that I use View → Web instead of View → Normal.

This might help you, help me :slight_smile:

Try same method in the Web view.

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Which LO version are you using?

I have added this information to the post.

Sorry, I confused and tried something else. The original solution works and I have marked it as such.

Much thanks !!!

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