A template made with Writer is always opened with Draw. How can I force it to be opened with Writer?

I’ve made a template with Writer, with extension ott.
When I need to open it to edit and make a new document, it’s always opened with draw and I cannot make the changes I need.
How can I force the template to be opened with Writer?
Thank you in advance.

You should change a system MIME properties of OTT extension for link OTT with Writer

I think LbreOffice looks inside file before deciding what to open it with.

I suspect either a damaged file (please share by clicking edit below your question and attach file using paperclipicon) or a corrupted profile (does it open in Writer in safe mode? Help > Restert in Safe Mode > Continue in Safe Mode)

Does this happens with that one .ott file only, or it happens with others too?
Can you upload one of the problematic templates here?