A thick and thin line has appeared in Writer and won't go away

Hi, Love the package, the only one I will use. However, a small problem has appeared in one of my documents and I need help. There is a thick and thin line that has appeared between two pieces of dialog in my Writer document. I can’t get rid of it. I have tried deleting the lines above and below this thing, and it just keeps shifting up the page. I do not know how it got there and I really need to remove it as it messes up the entire document. It spans the margins of the page and looks like a border, but everything I do with Format>Paragraph>Borders has no effect on it.

Thanks for any and all assistance.

Did you also check Format -> Page -> Tab: Borders for borders on the page style ?

The screenshot looks rather like paragraph border. First View>Formatting Marks to see the exact limits of paragraphs, including empty pragraphs. Then check above and below the line Format>Paragraph, Borders tab.

What happened, you may have typed 3 underscores in a row and AutoCorrect applied a formatting shortcut.

Yes, I did check that and checked it again. It makes no change.

I’ve attached an image of what the problem is, because I can’t describe it well enough.


It seems to be a horizontal line.
Try the following:
Mark the line in such a way that above and below each two blank lines are marked with.
Then click on Delete.

image description

This works; and this possibly “solves” OP’s problem… but this answer doesn’t describe the underlying details.

The “horizontal line” is just a paragraph border. Editing it (or clearing direct formatting!) removes the “line”. See @ajlittoz’s comment to the question.

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