A TTF font that shows up in font-manager does not show up in L.Office

I would like to use URW Chancery L font in LibreOffice. It shows in the Ubuntu (18.04) font-manager, but it does not show up in the LibreOffice font pick lists. URW Chancery L is a TTF font

Interestingly, I can access this font in Scribus, a desk top publishing program.

How do I go about accessing this font in LibreOffice?

Are you sure it’s a ttf font? In my openSUSE Leap URW Chancery L is a postscrip font, and LibO drop support for postscripts fonts several versions ago.

No. I cannot recall how I arrived at that conclusion. My Ubuntu 18.04 font-manager does not tell me .

URW Cancery L is a PS Type-1 font und this is not supported by LibreOffice - see screenshot from Ubuntu 18.10 font manager.

(I’ve got a german ubuntu version but the important facts should be comprehensive)

So the answer to your question is: You cannot go to access this font in LibreOffice, since it is not supported.

See also an interesting discussion in at Bug tdf#104701 regarding the support of Type-1 fonts

For a good OpenType replacement for URW Chancery L, you may try with Lekhana (despite all the references to writing in Pāli, almost all fonts on that page work perfectly well for Latin scripts).

Thanks for the Lekhana link. I downloaded and installed it and I am very happy with it.